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The Ripple Effect
2023 Edition

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Thank you for your commitment to the gospel. For your time, energy, prayer, effort, so that others might know Jesus. So disciples can be built. And nations reached. Thank you!

In so many ways, the Internet and social media have changed our world…how we shop, get information, connect with each other, plan trips, do business, etc.

You likely are missing some very simple, very impactful ways to help people.

In this ebook, I hope to shed light on how you can expand your ministry effectiveness in exciting ways.

Many Christian organizations and churches are struggling to recognize what is impacting them. They see the decline or flat-lined growth, but not sure what actions to take.

In this ebook, I hope to shed light on what’s changed, and show you some easy, small tweaks to your current approach that can expand your ministry effectiveness in exciting ways.

I hope this infuses in you a new joy, a greater excitement to do what God has called you to do.

I don’t have all the answers. But the few ideas I have, I hope to present clearly and easily for you.

Thank you for your heart,

Marilyn Adamson
director of EveryStudent.com / EveryPerson.com
StartingwithGod.com, EveryStudent.info

Author bio

I was an atheist for years, until I met an impressive Christian. Nearly every day for a year and a half, I challenged her with my questions. She patiently researched answers for me, until I could escape God no longer.

He deeply changed my life. I came on staff with a Christian organization named Cru with one hope…to use media to reach as many people as possible.

From that desire, EveryStudent.com was launched. It has gone through many tweaks, design and content changes. But the purpose has always remained the same: to give nonbelievers persuasive reasons to begin a relationship with God.

The site is now available under two names: EveryStudent.com for campus use. EveryPerson.com for community use. Same content on both sites...use whichever name you'd like.

This site for nonbelievers is also available in 45+ languages. It was visited by over 50 million people last year.

Even more exciting, over 2,000 people each day tell us they asked Jesus into their lives while on the site.

My first passion is assisting nonbelievers in their journey toward God. Second is to help you see greater ministry results with less effort.

~ Chapter 1 ~
God Speaking to Nonbelievers

While people are on EveryStudent.com, God is moving in people’s hearts, speaking to them about who he is and what he is offering them.

The site is filled with Scripture and persuasive reasons to believe. And God is leading many into a relationship with himself.

Here are just a few examples.

"I gave my life to Christ on 5/21 and He turned my world upside down in the most beautiful way :)"

“This is the start of my new beginning! JI have invited him in J*Knock, Knock* Please come in… J”

"Thank you so much for posting all of this, it's been so nice how much sense it makes. It helped me find Jesus/God/Our Lord. I am new to it (I used to be Agnostic). Your website has provided believable proof and such eye opening material."

“I just don’t know how to explain what GOD has done to me.....everything about me has changed, fear has left me, panic has left me, i always enjoy the presence of God.”

“I am very glad. My mind is free after reading the articles about God, sexuality... I suffered from pornography but now no more! I feel free... Thank you for creating such a wonderful website!”

“I visited your website (everystudent.com) on the 24th of October, last year and it has been a life changing experience. I came to know about the love of God and the relationship we can have with him. I do not have words to explain the joy I am experiencing today."

Not only are people coming to Christ, but we immediately begin to help them grow in their new relationship with God, through another site we built for new believers: StartingwithGod.com.

In this ebook, I want to show you how these sites can be useful to you…how you can enjoy the thrill of seeing God work through your life on a regular basis to help others…and without it requiring a lot of time and energy on your part.

Churches and whole organizations can also use this to see greater reach and growth.

Just during last year, over 50 million people came to the site.

And while there, more than 800,000 told us they asked Jesus into their lives while there. (That’s more than 2,000 new believers every day.)

Only God accomplishes something like that!

We’ve always seen a direct correlation…the more people who come to the site, the more who receive Christ.

Now let me show you how you can experience greater freedom and joy in personal conversations with those people who are yet to know Jesus.

~ Chapter 2 ~
Talk About God: Three Examples

When you think of sharing the gospel with someone, what comes to your mind?

If you’re like many Christians, stress might first come to mind. You don’t want to hurt your relationship with the person. Especially if it’s a close friend, family member, coworker.

Even with someone you just met, you might be concerned that they’ll be offended. And you want to avoid any conversation that might quickly turn awkward.

You might also wonder if they’re going to ask you a question you can’t answer….like, “Ok, explain to me how people are starving through droughts, children abducted for sex, earthquakes killing thousands.”

Not only can those kind of questions rattle your faith, but you also feel bad that you haven’t been able to help the person much. It’s a horrible feeling.

This is where EveryStudent.com can be so helpful. Let me show you.

Here are real conversations I've had with three people recently.

PERSON #1 - Tom

We are seated next to each other on a two-hour flight. Tom asks what I do. I said (and you can say the same thing), "I am connected to a website that seeks to answer people's questions about life and God, like how do you know God exists?” (It's a great conversation starter.)

Tom started asking me all sorts of questions about God. He told me that for years, a friend had been trying to persuade him to believe in Jesus.

I asked him, “What are your hesitations?” We talked about God the entire two hours of the flight.

During the conversation, I knew that I had a website that could help him immensely.

It's like knowing you have a car full of groceries and you just met a homeless person who is very hungry. I knew the website answered so many of the questions he was asking!

At the end of the flight I said, "Tom, you can’t become a Christian just because you friend wants you to. You need to do your research. Here is a site that answers the very questions you are asking. It will give you reasons to believe in God, why Jesus and not other religions, and why the Bible is reliable. Spend some time on it and make a decision. You’ve been dragging this out for too long."

And I handed him a card with “EveryStudent.com” on it. He was genuinely grateful.

PERSON #2 - Bob

Three of us were sharing a taxi ride from the airport to the same location. Two of us were Christians. Bob quickly identified himself an atheist.

My Christian friend in the taxi tried to engage Bob in some reasons to believe in God.

As a former atheist, I knew that there was probably nothing my Christian friend could say in that 10-minute taxi ride that would convince Bob (though God can do anything).

I listened to Bob's objections about God. Then I asked him, "Would you be open to believing in God if you saw sufficient evidence?"

After he said yes, I said, "Then I'd like to ask you to try something. Go to EveryStudent.com and sign up for a free email series called 'The Spiritual Adventure Pack.' It is 7 emails, automatically sent to you every two days.

There is a link at the bottom of each email that you can click to cancel. The series explains how a rational person can arrive at faith. It gives logical and scientific evidence for God. It also covers damaging evidence against God, and if it’s possible to personally experience God’s love.”

Bob said he’d try it. That meant Bob was letting someone speak to him about God seven times over the course of the next two weeks. God could speak to him.

I told Bob that along the way, if he had questions, he could anonymously email the site and someone will reply to him. Or, he was welcome to email me, if he’d rather. On the EveryStudent.com business card, I wrote, “The Spiritual Adventure Pack” and my email address.

Is it possible to help change a person’s life when you just met them, and you only have ten minutes in a taxi with them?


Why? Because in that 10 minutes, I was able to give Bob a website he already had in his possession. I just needed to point it out. I didn’t need hours of face-to-face time with Bob. In fact, I’m pretty sure that would be less effective.

I know what is in “The Spiritual Adventure Pack.” It will give Bob logical, persuasive reasons to believe in God, written specifically for atheists.

I loved being able to invite Bob into this spiritual adventure.

Let me give you one more illustration of how a short conversation can have a major impact in someone’s life.

PERSONS # 3 – Two women

I’m on a flight. The two young women sitting next to me are both obviously bored. One is flipping through the flight magazine (a definite sign of boredom). The other is periodically staring out the window. They tell me with dread that they have another 10-hour flight after this one!

So as we are landing, I said, “I have something that will make your next flight way more interesting! I know of an app, it’s free on Android and iOS.

It takes on all the hard questions about life, relationships, and God. It covers things like, “Why is life so hard?” “How do you know God exists?” “What about relationships?” You’ll love it. It’s called: Every Student.

They said, “Oh my gosh. It sounds great!” They had it installed on their phones before we arrived at the gate.

I will share with you more conversations later in this ebook. But right now, I want to talk about our current culture.

~ Chapter 3 ~
The Culture Has Shifted. How To Catch Up.

Our culture has shifted to the person being in control, not the institution. Privacy has become important. Many people want to be able to order products or gather information on their own, at the moment they want. And the Internet has ushered in this radical change.

Allow me to explain.

When Amazon began, books were their only product.

While Barnes and Noble were trying to bring customers into their stores, Amazon was delivering more books to more customers.

People enjoyed the convenience, speed, selection from Amazon, and especially that it required no real effort on their part.

No longer did the person have to go to the product. Now, the product could come to the person.

Uber is the same thing. The person says, “I want a ride. I want it right now. You come to me.”

Long ago, Blockbuster stores that rented movies (that you had to physically pick up and return) went out of business in 2010.

First Netflix set up the opportunity to have movies delivered to people’s mailbox. Much more convenient. Then Netflix made it possible for movies to effortlessly be selected on your screen with a click.

Since Covid hit the world, the convenience of “you bring it to me” escalated even further not only for stores, but also restaurants.

Customers enjoyed the effortless, quick use of restaurant apps allowing them to receive fully prepared, quality meals in the comfort of their home. No changing one’s attire. No fighting traffic or weather. You come to me.

Speed. Convenience. Ease. Under my control. Privately.

How does this relate to ministry?

We might need to adjust our approach. In addition to presenting the gospel in a church service, in a Bible study, in an evangelistic event, we might need to also offer people an option like EveryStudent, where they can explore their questions about God on their own.

It is a shift from always trying to bring people to us, to choosing to give people the option of hearing the gospel in ways that fit their lifestyle. We need to accommodate them. Make it easy for them to be in control. Help them find answers to their questions the way they prefer.

The goal remains the same…help people find Jesus. How can we make this easier for them?

EveryStudent.com is fast. It’s at their moment of need. There’s no effort. And it’s private, under one’s control. No risk of debate or embarrassing questions.

This allows us to offer people a way to explore their questions about God that feels normal to them, that fits their lifestyle.

EveryStudent.com addresses many questions, with multiple reasons to begin a relationship with God. It’s an easy, convenient way for them to receive the message of Jesus…just like Amazon, Uber, Netflix, restaurants…

and the Apostle Paul.

Paul read his audience well, entered their world and delivered his message in a way they could understand it and receive it:

“To the Jews I became as a Jew, in order to win Jews.
To those under the law I became as one under the law…
To those outside the law I became as one outside the law...
To the weak I became weak, that I might win the weak.
I have become all things to all people that by all means I might save some.” 1Cor 9:20-22

If people will come to church, or a Bible study, or meet for a conversation, great! But if we limit people to only those options—to coming to us—are we restricting them to how we like to do ministry?

How do we bring Jesus to more people?

Can we bring Jesus to people who are searching without requiring much of them?

Without asking them to drive to a building. And be willing to be among strangers. Or sit quietly in an unfamiliar, high-risk environment?

I personally know people who would have to be in a state of personal desperation before they would ever show up at a church. In their mind, just showing up, acknowledging their openness, their possible desire to know God, would make them way too exposed. Way too vulnerable.

To them, walking into church is the same as walking the aisle. It is not a casual decision. If they are at the beginning of their search for God, it is simply too big a step to take.

Yes, if someone invites them, that helps reduce the fear. But many would rather not admit their openness.

When I was an atheist asking questions of my close friend, I never let her know that I was open. For a year and a half I asked her questions, and she willingly researched answers for me. Yet all that time, she never thought I would ever believe in God.

Can we be intricately involved in helping them find Jesus without asking them to take big risks?

Without demanding that they show up? Without asking a lot from them?

Yes. Definitely!

EveryStudent.com has a way of expanding the number of nonbelievers we can help.

It is an incredible way to increase the number of personal conversations about God we have with people, increase our impact in people’s lives…by a lot!

It opens up opportunities for conversations that are socially appropriate, comfortable and enjoyable, for both you and the other person.

In fact, it opens all sorts of opportunities for conversations that many of us would have normally passed on before.

I was in Austin, speaking to a group of Christians who love God and really want people to hear the gospel. Here is what I heard from three gentlemen:

1. “I love Jesus but every time I try to talk to someone about Him, I feel like I’m stumbling through some sort of sales pitch, trying to convince someone of something.”

2. “Man, can I relate and hence, why I almost never broach the topic.”

3. “I wrote in my journal to Jesus two weeks ago, ‘I’m sorry that I hate evangelism so much. Can you please fix this?’”

All three men told me that what I shared with them completely changed everything. They felt a new freedom to talk to others about Jesus. One was so relieved he had tears in his eyes.

Instead of the Internet holding us back, it can propel us into very exciting interactions with people…helping people begin a relationship with God and grow in that relationship.

When people have questions about God, many are very open to being given a resource that they can check out on their own time, in private.

Online is comfortable. Safe. The person’s in control. No one is challenging them. Defenses can come down. They can be honest.

Like this person who emailed us:

“If your God exists, I wonder if he would care about me. I’ve done some pretty stupid stuff in my life. My thoughts are that he would look my way in disdain and complete and utter disappointment.”

Who would say that in a personal, live setting?

Online, they can be honest about their real questions, failures. They can feel free to search for answers to their lives. Face their doubts about God or if Jesus is real. And why God seems so distant to them. And best of all…find solutions! Find a relationship with God.

~ Chapter 4 ~
Picture Yourself Helpful!

Here is why EveryStudent.com can be so valuable to you in your ministry to others.

EveryStudent.com is written directly to nonbelievers.

One Christian said, “What I love about the site is that I can send someone to it, and not worry if they’ll come across something off-putting, like they might on an apologetic or denomination site.”

You can send nonbelievers straight to it.

It’s as simple as saying…

“I know a great site that takes on the hard questions about life and God. Here, let me text it to you…”

In a respectful way, it answers the most important questions they have about life and God, such as:

+ How do you know God exists?
+ Does God answer prayers?
+ Why is life so hard?
+ I’m gay, does God accept me?
+ In hard situations what exactly can I count on God for?

EveryStudent.com doesn’t just give them information. The articles and videos seek to persuade them, giving them reasons to begin a relationship with God, with an opportunity to do so.

Every page helps them understand who God is or what it might be like to know God.

Will people today read articles?

People will read something if it’s interesting and takes no effort. Articles on EveryStudent.com are written much like advertising copy. Short sentences for quick reading.

Though it includes a lot of Scripture, the site does not feel religious or theological.

People find themselves drawn in. Like this person who wrote on her blog:

“…the funniest thing happened when I read the first paragraph of the article…I wanted to read the next…and when I did…I wanted to read the next, and the next.

(you should all look at this article: https://www.everystudent.com/features/isthere.html)

Something made me want to believe again. I mean Believe.

Just reading the intro to the article gave me a new-found respect for Christian Thought. I’d been looking for a reason not to be disgusted by Christians I didn’t know.

I’ve taken another step closer. I read that article, and I saw God coming to me from a place outside myself, that is, revealing Himself to me from the actions of others. The faith I had that He existed was suddenly renewed.”

~ Chapter 5 ~
What’s On EveryStudent.com?

Here’s some of what’s on EveryStudent.com:

How to Know God Personally – the gospel
Is There a God? – 6 reasons God exists
What’s It Like to Know God? – a description & testimonies
Beyond Blind Faith – why Jesus is God

Peace of Mind in an Unstable World – why God is our rock
Where is God in the Midst of Tragedy? – what God offers us
Is God Good? – 2-min video addresses suffering

Sex & the Search for Intimacy – love defined by God
LGBTQ and God’s Love – how to know God’s love
Is There Hope for a Lasting Marriage? – yes, here’s why

Also these topics:
Solution to racism
Heroin addiction / binge drinking
Purpose in life
How to find faith
Does God answer prayer?
Qs Muslims ask about Jesus
…and much more.

The search box on EveryStudent.com is great. It’s better than Google’s.

Type in a few words, such as Islam or Muslim. It usually lists the best article or video in priority order.

Spend a few minutes on the site so you can see what’s there. Read some articles. Watch some videos.

I want you to review the site so you have confidence in its quality. Once you do, you’ll become freer to talk to people about Jesus. People’s challenging questions that would have held you back are no longer a problem. Confrontational atheists, Muslims, people with no religious background at all…you can help them all.

No longer do you need to leave a conversation with that sinking feeling that you really haven’t helped the person much.

Earlier I mentioned the email series on the site that I wrote for atheists called “The Spiritual Adventure Pack.” I hear from many atheists who now know God. Caroline, from the UK wrote saying…

Although you don’t know me I feel that you’ve taken my hand and led me on a very special journey these last few weeks. The evidence you give was sufficient to convince this 33 year old, life-long atheist; not an easy challenge! ~Caroline

EveryStudent.com provides a safety net. You can always say, “There is a great website that addresses many hard questions about life and God…like why is life so hard, and how do you know God exists? Here, let me give you a card to it.”

People usually respond, “Thanks very much!”

Cards for EveryStudent.com (and our other language sites) are already designed. Just give the jpg to your printer.

I spoke at a conference and at the end of the day a Christian came up to me and said, “I took 3 cards today, and I shared with 3 people. It was so easy!!”

A Christian campus organization showed the site to the students involved with them. These believers found a whole new excitement in ministry.

Christians began thinking and praying for others to come to know Jesus. They engaged in personal conversations about God much more often. It became part of their regular ministry. They began to enjoy evangelism.

~ Chapter 6 ~
God Just Brings People Your Way

I find that God simply brings people your way when you’re equipped to help them like this.

A quick story…

I was standing outside a Walmart when a guy pulled up in a car. The bumper sticker read, “Born Again Pagan.” Here was part of our brief conversation:

“Excuse me. I just have to ask you about your bumper sticker.”

“Oh yeah. Greatest thing that’s ever happened to me.”

“You mean worshipping the god of wind, fire, rain, etc. Right?”

“Yeah. My brother turned me on to it. It’s changed my life!”

“Well, I don’t know a lot about paganism, but I used to be an atheist. And I studied various existential philosophers looking for a philosophy of life that I could always count on. Then a friend told me how I could know the God who created the universe. And when I asked Jesus into my life, my search ended.”

He said, “That’s me. I’m searching.”

That’s what I’ve found over and over. They can even have a bumper sticker saying one thing, but until they find Jesus, they are still searching. They are simply giving it their best shot.

Everything on EveryStudent.com tries to help someone understand who God is or what it might be like to know God.

We need to answer their questions. Serve them well. Help them understand the value of knowing God.

Here’s another instance of God just arranging the conversation.

I’m on a college campus in their student union, standing in a long fast-food line. As I looked up from my phone, the student in front of me did the same thing. And he started politely talking to me. I asked about his major. It was computer science.

So we talked about web servers and other technical stuff for a while. Then I told him about EveryStudent.com.

Daniel said, “I’m agnostic. But my fiancé is a Christian.”

So I asked him, “If you saw sufficient evidence for God, would you want to know God?”

He said, “Yes!” So I handed him my phone on the invitation page for a series I wrote for atheists, called Spiritual Adventure Pack, and invited him to sign up for it, which he gladly did.

What struck me most about our conversation is that three times during our short conversation, Daniel grabbed my hand to shake it and thank me for talking to him.

(I’m absolutely convinced, when you’re equipped to help someone, God will simply bring people your way.)

Here’s another occasion where God just arranged it.

I’m standing in a hotel lobby and a woman next to me asks, “Are you with our convention?”

I said, “No, I’m with website that takes on the hard questions about life and God, like why is life so hard and how do you know God exists?”

She said, “I’m an atheist, but I’m searching.”

I said, “You will love this website because it will give you reasons to believe in God and show you how you can begin that relationship with him today.”

She had tears in her eyes as I handed her a card to the site.

Here’s one more…I was at a bank, closing a checking account. I sat for over 30 minutes across the desk from the bank associate. He was on the phone, on hold with the corporate office to find out how to best close the account.

Without malice, I matter-of-factly said to him, “You know it shouldn’t be this hard to close an account. It shouldn’t take this long.”

As soon as those words left my mouth, I realized there might be a bigger reason for the delay. So I asked him, “Are you allowed to pull up a website on your business computer?” I had him enter EveryStudent.com. Then I told him, “This is a site to help answer people’s questions about life and God, like how do you know God exists.”

I shared a little of my testimony, emphasizing my search through philosophy. He said to me, “It’s funny you would be talking to me about this, because my dad and I just had a long conversations about various philosophers.”

I said, “Philosophers asks all the right questions about life. But they don’t have satisfying answers. Only God provides those. This site will show you some of God’s answers to those big questions.” I gave him a business card to the site, so he’d have it.

That took about 4 or 5 minutes. He appreciated it and I didn’t overstep his time while at work.

The site made that conversation possible. Get some cards from EveryStudent.info. Be ready for the people God brings your way.

~ Chapter 7 ~
Jesus Changing Lives

Watch what Jesus does. Here are just a few examples of God changing people’s lives through the site.

“You're probably wondering what led me to ask Jesus into my life recently. Well, it was your website, actually, with its compelling introduction to Jesus, that rescued me from the depths of fear, shame, confusion, and low self-esteem.

What had led me to this most vulnerable state in the first place was an addiction to pornography, that I have tried on numerous accounts to free myself from, but in vain.

Upon researching the effects of pornography in the hope of understanding what it was that triggered my intermittent cravings, I came across your website (everystudent.com). Reading your website set me free...it was like I was born again... Jesus, set me free!”

Another person, Joe, said each morning, he would use just enough drugs to keep himself from killing himself that day.

He sent me this message:

“I’ve always been the sort of guy who ‘got through’ life without much stress. I guess living a life without serious challenges left me unprepared for the last few years.

Being sent to Methodist church as a child gave me an awareness of God, but a notable failure to recognize why I should ever consider looking into it in greater depth. It also meant that I was sort of immune to ‘religion.’

I got married 4 years ago (to a lovely girl whose only desire in life was to settle down and start a family) and boy did things change!! [He goes on to describe health problems, in-law problems, financial problems.]

Over the past 4 years I have slowly been broken down to a level where I could no longer cope. I pushed my marriage to the breaking point and reached a stage earlier this year where I was considering suicide as the only option left.

I was angry and confused at how I could have let my life get so far out of control…..after all, I was the average, decent guy who ‘got by.’ How could things have spiraled so desperately out of control?

One day I went to my computer and googled ‘starting a new life with god.’ No idea why that phrase, but it led me to your site on the first link. What I read makes the most perfect sense.

In a life trampled by confusion, it seemed to offer the most ridiculously obvious clarity I have ever imagined. It made the information available in a way that a complete novice like me could understand. You don’t realize how much this has impacted my life.”

Rachel thought New Age Chakra Healing might have the answer.

“I struggled with a lot of loneliness and anxiety through my undergrad years. I finally got to a point of really wanting out of the cycle of negativity, and I dove into many self-help articles on happiness, Buddhism/zen, yoga, and the "New Age" stuff - trying out meditation, crystal/energy healing, and finally, Chakra healing.

I knew God existed, I think I was just purposely denying Him. Replacing the name of God with "Universe" felt so much easier.

The last straw was when I paid nearly $200 for an online chakra healing program that PROMISED happiness, forever. As you can see, I was desperate. I was alone in my room, putting all my hope into this program, and about to watch a live introductory seminar. A 10-second countdown began, and suddenly, so clearly in my heart I heard, ‘You don't need this, turn it off.’ And I did.

I got to your website with a question I typed into Google. Once I found it, I was stuck on it. I spent a couple of days on it. Finally I could understand who Jesus is and how He fits into the past, present, and future. I felt so invited by Him through your site to be in a relationship with Him, and I was really excited, knowing my desperate search for healing and happiness was over, and that I was covered in His love.

I prayed a prayer of salvation on my knees in my room after reading one of your articles, and I have been changing ever since. I am so thankful for getting to know Jesus and for the way I am changing/growing. Thank you for making Him understandable to begin with. I am loving my journey.”

I have literally hundreds of examples like this. Why? People want answers to their questions. When they come to the site, God speaks to them. God wants to draw people to himself.

Imagine if the people you encounter could know about it.

It is no different than any other initiative evangelism. Encourage them to see something on the site and then ask them about it. “Hey, I’m wondering if you looked at that website I told you about. What did you think of it?” Very easy.

It gives you a second opportunity to have a conversation.

And if it is someone you meet in a taxi or flight and it’s unlikely you will ever see the person again, you might have changed their life for all of eternity, simply by saying a few words and handing them a card, or writing it down for them.

~ Chapter 8 ~
Your Personal Life Message About God

Let’s get personal.

If you are a believer, God has built a personal message into your life.

My relationship is not the same as yours. God is the same, but I believe he relates to us as individuals.

You have had life experiences, moments where you learned something about God.

Philemon verse 6 in the RSV says, “And I pray that the sharing of your faith may promote the knowledge of all the good that is ours in Christ.”

And that is exactly what nonbelievers want to know. They want to know, “In your daily life, why does it matter that you have this faith? What does it do for you?”

Our answer to that will vary among believers.

For example, one believer might say, “I know that God hears me when I talk to him, because I see him answer prayers for me all the time.”

Somebody else might say, “When I’m in really confusing situations, and I don’t know what to do, I don’t know how to approach it. When I go to the Bible, God speaks to me. And he gives me exactly the answer that I needed.”

Someone else might say, “God freed me from an addiction and changed my life.”

For me, when I’ve been in really pivotal decision points in my life, I’ve seen God give amazing clarity and guidance in what I should do.

So what I’m suggesting to you is that you take some time alone with God, and think through what experiences you’ve had with God, where you really saw God show up. And where you have learned, “This is true about God. I know this is how God is, because I’ve seen him do this in my life.”

That is your life message.

And it would be good if you could list three things that you’ve come to know about God. Now you have those truths about God to draw on when you’re in a conversation with someone.

Here’s how you can use your life message.

Let’s say you are talking to someone who is telling you about something stressful happening in their life. You can say…

“You know when I’ve been in hard situations like that, I’ve seen God give me peace in that. I’ve been able to trust God because I know he can enter into that situation and actually do something about it and help me. And so he gives me peace in that.

And you can know God’s peace like this. You can have a relationship with God like this. I don’t know if anyone has shared with you how you can. May I give you a website where you can explore your questions about God? It will show you how you can begin a relationship with God like this.”

And you might hand them a card to EveryStudent.com.

It is the combination of your life message with the site that so deeply helps someone.

If you only shared what you experience about God, that doesn’t help them a great deal. A testimony is good, but it is insufficient.

The amount of time you have or the situation might not be right for you to explain the full gospel to them. But if you can offer them the site, you are significantly moving them ahead.

Your brief testimony about God plus the site is a powerful combination.

(What I just shared in this chapter is available in a 6-min video, if you want to share it with others: https://www.everystudent.info/r/conversations.html)

Let me give you a few more examples of real conversations I’ve had with people.

~ Chapter 9 ~
What Can Happen In Short Conversations

On an international flight, the girl next to me opened an enormous, hardbound book of Horoscopes.

(And I had just finished telling God that I was tired, and if it was ok with him, I’d rather not talk to anyone. But that I was willing if he really wanted me to.)

She took the book, put it in my lap, and started this conversation:

Astrology Girl: "Which sign are you?"

Me: "Well, I'm a cancer." (She immediately flipped to that page and we started reading together.)

Me: "Ok, yes this is true of me, and this, and this. Oh gee, not this one at all.

You know, here's the thing about this. Some of this fits and some doesn't. But when it comes to my life, I want something I can fully count on, all the time.

God knows me completely, because he created me. He knows everything that's true about me. And even better, he offers to guide me in life. He offers to guide anyone who will begin a relationship with him.

He gives insights and his wisdom for some major areas of our lives. And he's fully reliable. Here's a website that explains how you can have a relationship with God like that." I write down, EveryStudent.com.

Astrology Girl: "Thanks very much. I really appreciate that. I'll take a look at it."

In this conversation I sincerely shared with them something I believed to be true of God.

You can say it quickly.

This is appropriate on a subway, in a grocery store, on a soccer field, in a dorm room, or as God leads you in your daily interaction with people. You can impact many lives, even when you have only a very few minutes with them.

God speaks to people while on the site. More than 2,000 people a day begin a relationship with God while on EveryStudent.com.

I’ve known God for a few months now, and have never experienced anything like it. It’s a constant adventure. Despite my surroundings being the same, I’m more hopeful, happy, purposeful and fulfilled. He’s definitely made some drastic changes to how I perceive life.” ~Holly

I’d like to tell you one additional benefit to someone becoming a believer on the site…they already know how to share Jesus with someone else!

We’re in a culture where people readily share what they like. Social media is built on this. And it is especially true that people share something that has had a profound impact on their life.

What happens when someone begins a relationship with God on EveryStudent.com? They share it with friends and family.

That means as you share the site with someone, you might be impacting hundreds of lives. Here’s just one example.

~ Chapter 10 ~
One Person. Becomes Many!

There is a grad student in the Middle East, whom I've met. I'm going to call him Ahmed. Muslim background. He went to an Internet cafe to look for scholarships for his PhD. He entered "arab student" into Google and landed on EveryArabStudent.com.

He told me, "Though I am a Muslim, I'm reading article after article, and I can only think, 'This is true! This is true!'"

He sent an email, met with someone, and received Christ.

He wanted to share with his Muslim friends.

"I shared with them the way God spoke to me. I emailed each one of them with a link to the site. As you all know, our society doesn’t usually prefer the face-to-face meeting while talking about these topics.

I wanted them to know more about God’s kindness, so I sent an email to each one of them and added a link to EveryArabStudent in the email. I prayed that when they click on the link that the Lord would touch their hearts.

I thank the Lord because many of my friends who received my email are now spiritual leaders who lead many people to Christ. And even those people have multiple disciples.”

Ahmed now has 5 generations of disciples. People he led to the Lord, who did the same for others and others and others. Five generations.

Spiritual multiplication can happen quickly, because people know what to do with a website. They know how to reach their friends online. The same thing way that God spoke to them, they can immediately share with others.

That is why I titled this ebook, “The Ripple Effect.” Give one person an online resource, and it can lead to having an impact in many, many lives.

~ Chapter 11 ~
An Easy Way To Help A New Believer

What happens when someone becomes a believer? What comes next?

If you are good friends, then you can help that person grow. (I’ll tell you about some ways in a minute.)

However, let’s say you met this person somewhat randomly. We’ll call him Josh.

You might say, “Josh, I really want to help you grow in this new relationship with Jesus. I have some important things to share with you. Let’s pick a time to get together again.”

If Josh will meet again, that’s great.

However, let’s have a moment of honesty, transparency. Did you know (and this is common in any Christian organization worldwide) that only a small percentage of these new believers will actually meet a second time? Typically, less than one-third. Why?

Likely, it is for the same reasons I have already mentioned.

It feels high-risk to the new believer. Josh just began a relationship with God. Already you are asking him to commit to meeting with you. He knows there are lots of weird, controlling groups out there. Further, he is genuinely busy, and he’s not sure he wants to carve out time.

However, this might be the greatest reason: it probably feels unnecessary. He can’t figure out why he would need to meet with someone again in order to gain some “helpful information.”

Nothing else in his life is that way.

He is likely thinking, “Isn’t it online? Couldn’t they just give me something to download or a website to go to? Can’t you just give me a link to it now?”

We need to come to grips with today’s reality. Our main strategy of trying to meet together in order to give them information seems odd to them. And it is not working. How can we justify letting more than two-thirds of new believers disappear without helping them know Jesus better?

You wouldn’t want to hold back someone’s growth, if you had another way. Now you do.

There is something online you can give Josh, called The Spiritual Starter Kit.

You could say…

“Josh, I want to help you grow in your new relationship with God. There is an email series, called The Spiritual Starter Kit. It’s completely free. It is a series of 7 emails. Each email helps you understand something important about your new relationship with God.

You’ll see why God’s love for you is steady, why he will never leave you, how to get to know him better, and more.

If you don’t like the series, there will be a link at the bottom of each email, if you want to cancel. But they are free, and they don’t ever try to sell you anything. It’s just very helpful information.

Go to this site, https://www.startingwithgod.com, and sign up for The Spiritual Starter Kit. You just enter your first name and email address, and you’ll get the first email two minutes later.

If you have your phone, you can do it now.”

“The Spiritual Starter Kit” is unique.

It is not just delivering “follow-up content” for a new believer. It is a personal email to Josh. He will feel that this is from an individual who sincerely cares about him and wants to help him grow, which is true. (I wrote it.)

The first email in the series reads like this:


"The Spiritual Starter Kit"
# 1 - Is God in my life now?

Welcome to your first email, in this 7-part series.

Congratulations, by the way, on beginning a relationship with God. When you asked Jesus into your life, you began the most valuable relationship a person could have.

The night that I asked Jesus into my life, I knew it was a big decision. I had been a skeptic/atheist for years. To speak out loud, into the air, and talk to God felt monumental.

It also seemed absolutely right to do.

My prayer was brief. "Ok, you win. I ask you to come into my life. You may do with it whatever you want."

In my mind, I was simply acknowledging God's existence. As God, it seemed to me, he had a right to influence my life.

Here's the first thing I noticed about God:

God is invisible. (Impressed, aren't you?) But actually, this was an issue.

I mean, when you asked Jesus to come into your life, how do you really know that he's there? You can't see him.

How do you know that he really entered your life?

Does it rely on your sincerity? Or what you said in your prayer? Or how you feel?

No. None of these.

You have a relationship with God now, because he offered it to you. You simply responded to him.

This article will explain how you can be sure that Jesus is in your life -- and what that means!


(You might want to write down one or two of the sentences from the Bible that are mentioned in this article. And maybe put that paper on your desk or nightstand to look at again later.)

If you have any questions, we are happy to chat with you. Just email us here: https://www.everystudent.com/contact.php


Marilyn Adamson
director of EveryStudent.com
and StartingwithGod.com


When the person clicks on that article link, it takes them to this article on StartingwithGod.com, that reviews the gospel, and helps them know what is now true of their new relationship with God…

They are now at peace with God, forgiven, a child of God, no longer living in darkness, able to experience God’s love, sealed with the Holy Spirit, given eternal life. It contains a lot of Scripture.

The next day Josh (in our example) receives an email helping him see that God drew Josh to himself. It contains a short Bible study.

The third email is about God’s unconditional love.

The fourth why his relationship with God is secure.

The fifth on the importance of fellowship.

The sixth what it means to trust God.

The seventh is, “What if I sin, does God still forgive me?”

Each one is a personal message from me and a link to an article on StartingwithGod.com. Each one is warm, and treats a new believer just like you would in person.

This series builds a new believer’s trust in God and with you. They will see that you are normal. Safe. Helpful.

The first one will come two minutes after he signs up. The next one the next day. The third one a couple of days later, so it begins to space out a little for them.

Each email is personal, like taking a Josh by the hand and slowly giving him what would be most helpful to him, each step of the way.

You can enter into this process. Just give Josh maybe three or four days so he receives a few emails in the series. Then ask him to get together with you.

Likely, he now feels way more comfortable saying yes.

Here are some comments from a few new believers:

“Thank you for the information you sent me today, I have not been able to stop reading it.”

“I just wanted to say thank you for being a part of my new journey. I love how it is called The Spiritual Starter Kit, I always saw myself as more of a spiritual person. Never thought I’d come to know God like I have. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!”

“Until you came along, I was going to do something that I would have regretted for the rest of my life. I want to thank you. Not only has it opened my eyes, but my heart as well. It is amazing the way I see things now, as opposed to the way I did a few weeks ago. If you knew me personally, you would be amazed at the changes in me. Thank you very much.”

“I just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying your Spiritual Starter Kit. After each one I can’t wait for the next one. They are so down to earth. I never realized Christians could be so cool.”

“As a teenager, I feel like there is all this focus on getting saved and following thousands of rules, but I was never given any guidance after accepting Christ….For months I just went through the motions…One night, after once again hopelessly trying to understand, I came across this. Thank you, I never would be where I am in my relationship today if God hadn’t led me to this!”

You are giving new believers something in their online world, that will help them grow in significant ways.

And it will likely build trust with you if you stay connected with them.

Further, what about those friends that they lead to the Lord? They immediately know how to help their friends grow. No training required. They can immediately pass this on to others.

By you giving this to Josh, you can wind up having an impact in the lives of many more people.

The Ripple Effect.

Key point: You should go to StartingwithGod.com and sign up for The Spiritual Starter Kit so you can review it and personally experience it. To do ministry in new ways, you have to actually try it.

I’d like to share a personal story that will show you another great bounce to this.

While visiting Chicago, I had coffee with a good friend in a Starbucks. In the course of our conversation I shared the gospel and she received Christ.

I encouraged her to sign up for The Spiritual Starter Kit, which she did.

I then asked her if she had any friends that she thought might be a Christian. One came to mind. She described her friend and I agreed that she sounded like a solid believer.

So I said, “See if you can get together with your friend. Tell her that you have become a Christian. Ask her to also sign up for The Spiritual Starter Kit and you two can discuss it together.”

She had lunch with her friend the next day, and her friend signed up for it also. And they went through it together.

Here’s another great benefit…

I met Cindy while we were both running through the airport, late for the same connecting flight. Fortunately that flight also was late. At the gate we chatted a little.

She asked what I did for an occupation. As I told her, “I’m connected to a website that seeks to answers people’s questions about life and God. It’s from a Christian perspective.”

She said, “WAIT!” She reached into her briefcase and pulled out a very large Bible! She said, "I am a recovering alcoholic and a new Christian. I bought this Bible, but I have no idea what to do with it!"

We only had a few minutes to talk. I said, "Go to StartingwithGod.com, and sign up for an email series called, 'The Spiritual Starter Kit.' (I wrote it out for her.) It will help you understand and grow in your new relationship with Jesus."

~ Chapter 12 ~
Make Your Evangelistic Events Count More

What happens when people receive Christ at your church or at an evangelistic event?

Sometimes this is a lost opportunity. Some churches and Christian organizations are happy to see 5 or 10% of those who receive Christ actually continue to grow.

I personally watched a mega church host an evangelistic event. Afterwards they had a list of 300 names to contact, who received Christ!

People from the church started calling them over the next week or two to invite them to join a follow-up Bible study they were forming. (Can you imagine trying to call 300 people?)

I knew one of the callers and was curious what results he would find. I had a hunch. It was unfortunately confirmed.

Of all the people he called, six people said they wanted to join the Bible study. All six agreed to a set time, Monday night, at the church. Yet only one showed up. The next week, no one.

The lag time was one of the problems.

After an evangelistic event, the new believer gets involved in their daily life again. Busy schedule. They begin to wonder if that was just a blip, an emotional experience. Life moves on.

If they get a phone call a week or two later, they might not be anxious to join a Bible study.

The other problem is the effort involved in showing up at a location, with people you don’t know, to go through material that you wonder why it couldn’t be sent to you online.

It’s asking a lot of people in today’s busy lifestyle.

It’s great if you can get them to come into your fellowship. But there is a way to make it an easier for them. Why not ask less of them, build their trust, minister deeply to them, so that they want to be with you?

From your evangelistic event, there are two categories of new believers:

- those who received Christ and told you,
- and those who did not tell you.

You can help both of them begin to grow that same night.

Toward the end of the event, have someone on stage say:

“You might still have questions about God. This event might have brought to mind questions that you’ve had for years. There is a website where you can explore these spiritual questions on your own. It’s called EveryStudent.com.

If you who asked Jesus into your life tonight, please visit StartingwithGod.com.

At the exit door, you’ll be handed a card with both of these websites on it.” Here is what that card looks like:

We have it ready for you to print from our resource site: https://www.everystudent.info/c/business1.html. Be sure to put your contact information on the back of the card.

If you show the two URLs up on the screen, EveryStudent.com and StartingwithGod.com, people in the audience might immediately type the URL into their phones. (Same card is available with EveryStudent.com.)

~ Chapter 13 ~
No Need For Frustrated Christians To Call It Quits!

At the end of The Spiritual Starter Kit the person gets one more email, an 8th email. It starts by saying:

“The Christian life can be a wonderful experience. Or extremely frustrating. There are land mines.

I loved getting to know God. I’d spend hours in the Gospels. The more I read, the more I appreciated him.

I also saw the Bible identify certain actions as *sins* that I had never viewed that way! I also found commands like: ‘be patient, tenderhearted, forgiving’ which are far easier to read than to do.

In frustration, I thought, ‘It was much easier being an atheist.’”

I describe more, then invite them to sign up for a 7-part email series called, Skip the Stress.

To sign up: https://www.startingwithgod.com/skip-the-stress. They would need to again enter their name and email address, if they want to receive it. (People only get the series they sign up for.)

Skip the Stress explains what it means to be under God’s grace. Who the Holy Spirit is. How to be filled with the Spirit. How to trust God and be led by him. What to do with sin, etc.

You know what I’m going to say to you. To evaluate the worth of this series, please sign up for it yourself, at StartingwithGod.com.

~ Chapter 14 ~
To Know Jesus Better

I wanted these new believers to know more about Jesus and learn how to simply notice what the Bible says. So I decided to write an email series that would take them through the Gospel of John.

Personally, the Gospel of John is my favorite email series.

It does not assume they know anything about the Bible.

It is written so that a brand new believer could understand it. Or nonbeliever.

We offer it on EveryStudent.com, and many people become Christians through it.

Plus, not many Bible studies are completely free like this.

In the few years the Gospel of John series has been offered, more than 25,000 people have signed up for this study.

To show the upside of online, let’s do the math on this.

Pretend you wanted to lead 25,000 people in a Bible study. If you formed Bible study groups of 8 people per group, it would require 3,000 Bible study leaders and locations.

However, online, any number of individuals and leaders can use it. A brand new believer could lead this or discuss it with a friend. And, it is not limited by the number of leaders that are available.

You also could offer this Gospel of John series on your own website, if you’d like, as long as you keep it free.

The options are the same as before…put a signup box on your website, or just send people to either of these sites to sign up for it:
EveryStudent.com or StartingwithGod.com.

You will see people deeply grow through this.

If you’re leading a small group Bible study (for believers OR nonbelievers) this is a great study to use. Or share the link in social media, and others can go through it!

In today’s online world, this is a natural way for multiplication to happen. You can use this to ignite multiple spiritual movements far beyond your current reach.

Again, to check out the Gospel of John series, please sign up for it:


It is also offered on StartingwithGod.com.

A few comments from people who have signed up:

“I happened upon your website and started looking around. I subscribed to the Gospel of John and it has been an unbelievable blessing. My faith is still in its infancy, but I am so thankful that God allowed me to find your work to get to know him better. I appreciate it so much.”

“Wow! Thanx for the spiritual guidance. I love my Bible like never before.”

“I used to think that I was a christian, until when I was introduced to everystudent.com. I signed up for the gospel of john. I studied all the way to last chapter. I’m now experiencing the infinity mercy and his grace. Everything in my life has changed.”

(People get to the end of this 36-part email series and ask if they can unsubscribe and do it again. Pastors in Pakistan are leading their churches through it. We have translated it into many languages.)

~ Chapter 15 ~
How To Share Jesus Without Sounding Weird.

Often I hear from people asking for advice in how to share the gospel, how to lead others to Christ. Like this new believer:

“I'm sort of new to this but not at the same time. I used to go to a private christian school. I have sinned SO much it’s scary. I've never killed anyone or anything, but I had become a 100% party girl smoking and drinking and having sex. I totally lost sight of who I really was. This is a HARD thing for me to do (asking God into my life), but I did last night actually. It's kinda hard for me to talk about with people because I'm not sure what is acceptable to say and what is not. I don't want people to think I'm being fake or pushy about it because that's what turned me from it. I guess what I'm asking is how do I come out of my "shell" to tell others?”

Another person worded it this way: “How do I tell others about Jesus without sounding like a psycho?”

I loved that.

What if you could coach people in evangelism principles and fully explain 15 different ideas…without it requiring any time from you? Yes, zero time.

These are in another email series called, How to Talk about God.

You will also find it on StartingwithGod.com, with the other series.

Someone said, “Thank you! Now I finally know what to say to someone about Jesus!”

At the end of each series, they are invited to sign up for the next one. If they keep signing up, they receive biblical input for more than six months.

There is one more series. This one is on-going. And it requires people to take action. To take faith steps.

It is an online community where I try to write them every 10-14 days.

We have been found by God, and we want to help make Jesus “findable” to millions of others. So this community is called, The Findables.

There are over 6,300 of us, located in more than 170 countries around the world.

I would love for you to join The Findables! Sign up here: https://www.startingwithgod.com/findables. You’ll find it motivating.

Special Note: ALL of these email series (except for The Findables) are in the Every Student app. A person just taps on a check mark, and each message comes to their phone over time, with an app notification. Download the app now! J

By pointing people to the website, you can help people know God, grow, and share Jesus with others.

One action on your part…can start a Ripple Effect.

Years ago, your ministry was restricted to the number of people you could talk to and meet with. The Internet lets you can extend your reach. Multiply your impact.

Instead of reaching a personal ceiling building into the lives of 5 or 8 people, how would you like to also build into the lives of 50, or 100, or thousands?

Here are some additional ways.

~ Chapter 16 ~
Be Sociable And Sow Broadly

How would you like to personally impact thousands of people in less than a minute?

The opportunities are pretty exciting. People are already doing this, around the world.

It is common in social media to paste a link to something that you think your friends would enjoy or find interesting.

To the right is a post seen by over 7,800 people.

There are so many topics on EveryStudent.com, you could share a new link, on a new topic every few days.

We have prepared for you more than 50 potential posts:

Each contains a short message with a link.

Each week, simply go down the list and pick. Then copy and paste in Twitter, Facebook, or any social media place you choose. Easy.

Pray. Copy. Paste.

And ask God to bring to mind a friend that you can send it to in a text message.

We have coded EveryStudent.com so that all you need to do is copy the page URL at the top of the article or video page and paste it into your social media. The photo and heading will automatically appear, along with the description below the heading.

Pretty easy!

You are also welcome to share from our EveryStudent pages:

~ Chapter 17 ~
Maybe Your Best Investment Ever

When you give financially to help reach people around the world with the gospel, let’s be honest, you usually are giving in good faith.

The missionaries or the efforts seem legitimate. They have a good heart. And so you give “as unto the Lord” not expecting to see or know measurable results from your giving.

With EveryStudent.com, you can actually know the ROI (return-on-investment) of your giving.

You see, for millions of people…

The Search for God Starts at Google.

They are going to Google and typing in the search box: is god real, how can I find god, does god answer prayer, etc.

And many are also finding our site through Google ads, where they are taking the initiative to come to us, in hopes of finding answers for their lives, finding God.

We’re using Google advertising in a dozen languages to reach people around the world…Arabic, Turkish, Indonesian, English, Russian, Hindi, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, French, etc.

Last year, over 50 million people came to an EveryStudent.com site, and over 800,000 of those people asked Jesus into their lives while there.

That’s more than 2,000 new believers every day. People like Yared…

“As a Muslim, this has removed blindness from my eyes! I am using the site now and seeing many Muslims come to Jesus!”

You can help people from all over the world come to the sites for less than $0.04 per person.

And likely see people coming to Christ for less than $3.00 per person.

That means, for every $100 donated, 2,500 people come to the site, finding out who God is, what he offers them, and how they can begin a relationship with him right now.

And that $100 likely will help 33 people begin a relationship with Jesus.

Where else can you give $100 and help so many start a life-changing relationship with God?

And do this in places like Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Pakistan, Russia, India, Turkey, where talking about Jesus cannot be done freely?

This also scales.

$100 = 2500 visit =  33 likely receive Christ
$500 = 25,000 visit = 165 likely receive Christ
$1000 = 250,000 visit = 333 likely receive Christ

Google takes down our ads each day when our budget runs out. This notice from Google tells us that so many people are interested in what we offer, if we had more funds, our ads could stay up longer each day.

In some languages, Google is telling us that we could be reaching three times as many people as we are.

Would you like to reach people around the world with the gospel for just $0.04 a person? And see people come to Christ?

Your donation is tax deductible. Cru is a 501c3.

Click “Donate Now” to give by credit card to our secure area on Cru.org.

Or mail a check, payable to Cru, to:
EveryStudent.com - 2787935
Cru - donations
100 Lake Hart Drive
Orlando, FL 32832-0100

Laszlo Bacynski, a National Director for a Christian organization in Hungary made this comment about the value of their EveryStudent.com site:

“Astonished! That is the word that first comes to mind as I think back on the past year's experience with everystudent.hu. In a culture that is fairly reserved when it comes to discussing deeper layers of our life experiences - such as faith, values, relationships, trust, etc. - it came as a great surprise how this environment helped people to cross some lines in opening up to God.

It seems the hunger is there. We just could not tap into it so far on this deeper level.

I could begin to list quotes from the many conversations happening daily. People from all kinds of walks of lives, all kinds of interest levels, all kinds of questions. There is this lively, "noisy" conversation happening even as I write. With the limited resources and manpower capacity we have we are reaching 5% of the population annually.

Astonished by how this strategy is taking the Gospel to people we could in no other way reach!

What excites me the most? I think that the goal of reaching this nation with the Gospel of Jesus Christ became a real possibility, not just a hoped for dream!!”

Sites to Use:

Best Action Steps:

1. Run a “click session.” Show EveryStudent.com to the Christians in your church or group. Each person pull out their phone or laptop. Read some articles. Watch some videos. Try out the search box. After 15-20 minutes, ask them to share: “What did you find that you think will be very helpful to nonbelievers?”

2. Watch this 5-min video about how to start easy conversations about God: https://www.everystudent.info/r/conversations.html

3. End conversations about God with a card for EveryStudent.com. If you know the person, ask them about it later. Get them here: https://www.everystudent.info/c/business1.html

4. Share links to articles & videos in your social media and with your friends. Pray – Copy – Paste. https://www.everystudent.info/fb/twitter.html

5. Invite new believers to sign up for The Spiritual Starter Kit.

6. Reach thousands through fliers and ads.

7. Download the app: Every Student.

8. Watch and share this overview video: How to Change Lives

Questions? marilyn.adamson@cru.org

Bonus Section Follows

Email series:
Click each link to see the full description and an opportunity to sign up.

People from every country of the world come to EveryStudent.com.

A slice from one year…

On the home page of EveryStudent.com, scroll down to this word cloud to be taken to a listing of all the language versions of EveryStudent.com:

A word cloud like this also appears on the home page of StartingwithGod.com, to see the languages available for that site.

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