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About this site

EveryStudent.info is our resource site, designed to help you be more effective in ministering to others as God leads you.

The sections provide:

Overview: Explanation of the EveryStudent.com strategy, and vision-casting booklets, videos, and an ebook for you.

Make Jesus Findable: Various ways you can help reach nonbelievers in conversations, in social media, in outreach.

Help Believers Grow: Ways that new believers can continue to grow over time, with personal and biblical guidance. New believers can become mature believers, helping other know Jesus.

Results: How many people visited EveryStudent.com sites in various languages, by month and year totals. Also what new believers have told us about what God has done in their lives through EveryStudent.com and StartingwithGod.com.

If you want to read the specific legal privacy policy of our organization, it covers many diverse parts of the organization, and is much more encompassing and more complex than what would be needed if only for EveryStudent.info. However, you’re welcome to view it.