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Comments about growth email series

Some comments from those who have received this series:

I just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying your Spiritual Starter Kit. I just received the third one and I love them all. I wish there were more than seven. After each one I can't wait for the next one.They are so down to earth and right on the money. I never realized Christians could be so cool. Thank you for changing my mind. Thanks again

I have enjoyed receiving each and every email from you. I eagerly await anything further you send my way. I know these steps are like that of a baby that I am taking now, but God is real I know it with all my heart and He is directing my life now and I am so thankful. I love Him so much.

Thank you so very much. With your help my relationship with Jesus is wonderful. I knew I was "saved," but that happened many years ago but I did not understand about "relationship," with him. Now, I am beginning to understand and I welcome all the information I can get. [These] are wonderful,please, keep the e-mails coming to me until you run out of things to send.

Thank you very much for this Spiritual Starter I received. It is amazing! I can't explain to you how happy I am. There is no doubt, Jesus I welcomed in my heart is tryring to show me great things I never saw before. Keep praying for me so that I continue to know Him better.

I cannot tell you how grateful I am to read your emails.Its just like a medicine to a patient.Its really amazing how Lord works in our lives.I always pray for you as your emails are teaching me to stand in faith and also for people who've still not recognised Him as their Saviour.Glory be to God. Please keep me in your prayers as I am starting a new walk with the Lord.

I have recieved Jesus in my life and everything you have shared with me in your e-mails has happened to me. Jesus love is the most beautiful feeling and I hope to be in his presence all my life