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Evangelistic Events

Let’s say you host an evangelistic speaker or music group or present the gospel in church.

At the end, have the speaker say:

You might have questions about God that I didn’t answer today. There's a great site where you can explore your questions. I think you'll find it very helpful. It's called EveryStudent.com.

And if you did ask Jesus into your life just now, we’d love for you to help you begin growing to know God better. A great website that will help you start is called StartingwithGod.com.

Both of these sites are on cards that will be handed out at the exit door. I want everyone to take a card. You’ll find these sites very helpful.

When printing these cards, you might want to put your organization or church’s contact info on the other side.

(Click on the image and download the file to give to your printer.)