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Students Reaching Their World

EveryStudent.com is built for nonbelievers. Everything on the site is worded to them.

It addresses many of the questions that nonbelievers have about life and God:

EveryStudent.com gives you freedom to start conversations without worrying about not being able to answer a question they ask. You can always say…

“Here’s a great site that’s a safe place to explore questions about life and God. Let me give you a card to it [or text it to you].” Cards are available here.

If you know the person, you ask them about it later. “Hey, did you go to the site? What did you think?”

If you’ll not see them again, you can know that you helped move them toward beginning a relationship with God.

The site also gives freedom to nonbelievers. Tell them about the site and students who do not yet know God can explore their questions in private, where defenses can come down, they can be honest and really hear from God.

The site is in 45+ languages, so you can help nearly everyone on campus. More than 2,000 people each day come to Christ through this site.

Sites that are also in app form:

Here are some ways you can use the site…

See additional 11-min Q&A part.

1. Show Christian students EveryStudent.com.
Show everyone the home page, and tell them:

Ask students to read through some of the articles, watch some videos. Take 15-20 minute to do this. Then ask them, “Would you want students on campus to know about this site?”

Ahead of time, get small business cards printed and have them ready for students to take. Pray and ask God to lead each of you to 10 people that week that you could give a card to. See what God does.

2. Have a prayer time together, asking God to expand your faith, your vision. Take some minutes in prayer and ask God to give you 5 friends or coworkers or even family members that you could text an article to. “I came across this article and thought you’d find it interesting...[paste link].”

3. Daily conversations – Many times, someone will say something to us about a struggle in their life, or not knowing what to do about something, or a need they have. Often we stay silent, thinking there’s not 30-45 minutes available to explain the gospel or get into a deep conversation.

Yet, with EveryStudent.com, we can help that person, even in a short conversation. We can empathize, briefly say something about God, and encourage them to go to EveryStudent.com. Like, “I’m sorry you’re struggling. If you ever wonder, where is God in the midst of my needs, there’s a site that answers that....” (hand them a card or text it to them, or just tell them).

Several real conversations are given here, plus a 6-min video on how this opens up so many more comfortable conversations about God.

4. Plan a special outreach to a segment of your campus or your whole campus. Here are some ways…

a. Try a “splash campaign.” You do this in one day or one week. Create t-shirts with EveryStudent.com (or your language version URL) on them. Everyone in your group wears the t-shirt on the same day. Put up posters. Hand out fliers. Maybe post something in Facebook or Instagram that day and advertise it just on your campus. The idea is to bring the URL to the campus in a big way, so they see it multiple times in a day. Here’s what it can look like, as they did it in the U.S.

b. Another outreach idea...hand out a flier of topics on the site. You just say, “We’re wanting students on campus to know about this site. Do any of these topics interest you?” If they want to talk about it, great. If not, just move on. Leave the flier with each person.

c. "EveryStudent Friday" - All the students involved individually pick an article or video from their EveryStudent site and share it in Facebook or Instagram. And then everyone else "likes" each other's posts. (This is a strategy being used in Brazil.)

d. Plan a "Faith Week" - Each student shares face-to-face with five friends and shares digitally with five friends, all in the same week. Students on some campuses in India reached 50,000 students in just one week!

e. Offer this evangelistic booklet -- 3 articles from EveryStudent.com.
TO PRINT: Tell the printer to make this into six sheets of 11x8.5 paper, printed both sides, folded vertically with a center staple. The final result should be a 5.5 x 11 booklet. Here is the file to give to your printer. (Cru staff, use FedEx)

5. Add EveryStudent.com to what you are already doing.
If you share the Knowing God Personally message with students, offer them a card at the end, “If you’d like to explore questions about life and God on your own, here’s a great site.”

Do the same after Soularium, or another survey.

At the exit door of evangelistic events, hand out a card that points them to the EveryStudent.com site in your language, and also to the site to help new believers grow, StartingwithGod.com (also available in many languages).

6. Share in social media. Posts are already created, ready to share:

Include EveryStudent.com in Your Campus Plan