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I don't believe in god for like 7 hundred reasons, but can you tell me why i can't stop thinking about this? Seriously - i don't believe in god. It's impossible for me to pretend to. So what am i supposed to do?

I would like to realize Jesus will forgive my sins and become closer to God and live a more righteous and unselfish life... the only thing is that I'm Muslim and I was wondering about how Jesus relates to Islam.

I am just starting to learn about the lord and I am kind of confused? What is God's word. and why does he have say in what goes on in our life?

well you see i believe in god but i really want to get close to him, not just to go to heaven but i want to know him because life is not beautiful right now - i feel guilty because i am working at a strip club and i'm 19. i want to know some tips on how to make my life better and i really want to be saved because following my own path is the wrong way!!!

I am an 18 year old student from England. I feel like I need to believe in something, only I don't know what. Please can you help me. What is God? What do I have to do to become Christian? how serious do I have to be? and what should my beliefs be? Please reply to me as soon as possible because I feel like I need some guidance.

Its not that I don't believe in God, because I do. i have never read a bible or gone to church, but i think i need God, but I don't know how to find him. can you help me?

from China: I began to recognize that many things in the Bible can explain the meaning of life and self. But I cannot understand the content of the Books because of my lack of wisdom and not really understand what Christianity all about! So I am still very confused. When I found this website I burst into tears wishing that God will redeem me.

I have a desire to know much more about Christ. I live in Saudi Arabia and I am Muslim, I like your religion. I need your help.

I cannot get this God stuff out of my head. I wonder why your God allows the things in the world to happen, and then at the same time I wonder if there really is a God at all. I wonder if your God exists if he even cares about me. I've done some pretty stupid stuff in my life and I wonder if there is any way that if there really is this good God out there if he would even look my way. My thoughts are that he would look my way in disdain and complete and utter disapointment. I wouldn't fit in with you christians at all. I enjoy the college life way too much to fit in. I'm not like you all and I can't figure out why these questions in my head and thoughts about whether or not there is or isn't a God won't go away. I really would like for them do but they are constantly on my mind.

Hello. I've been really thinking about this for a while and I've made up my mind. I'm a Muslim and your faith is having a big impact on me. I'm always looking at your website; you are a remedy to my despair. With regard to changing my faith, I need help.

I happened across your page while doing some research, and I have to say I'm most impressed. I was raised in the church, but find it difficult to integrate my religious beliefs with my experiences in college. I find myself quite appalled by the simplistic assertions of many of the more popular fundamentalist forms of our faith in America today, and alienated by their lack of scientific inquiry. In closing I wish to thank you for taking the courage to make a stand for your spiritual convictions in a rationalistic fashion; discovering your site feels like a proverbial second wind.

i really, really would love to believe in God. i am a very logical person and in this situation, i hate it. i want to believe sooo bad! i don't want to die and not go to Heaven. please help me to believe in Him!!! i would really appreciate it. thank you!

I have recently beeen diagnosed with genital herpes and afraid that I may be HIV positive. I have prayed and asked for forgiveness. Has God done that? Does he still love me?

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I just visited your website for the first time and it is the most progressive attempt I have ever seen by the Christian community to explain themselves. I want to appluad your effort from the bottom of my heart. I am not a Christiain. I am simply someone who claims complete ignorance to the whole discussion, the agnositc position I suppose. But, if Christianity is indeed the way, I will be the first to sign up. Unfortuanatley, the answers Christian's give me are simply too supericial or too faith based for me to buy-in. Anyhow, thanks again!

I just typed in "WHO IS GOD" into Google, and got your website. I really hope you can answer some of my questions, because I feel very lost at the moment.

I have lost my identity.i am just so sick and tired of living my life this way.i seem to have lost interests in EVERYTHING.Its like there is no purpose in living a life like i am. i just feel soooooooooooooo damn sick of the way i am living life right now.how can i change my life and make it more meaningfull?

from Egypt: I want to ask you a question... I didn't ask Jesus Christ to change my life because how can I ask someone I don't know very well to change my life , I know that Jesus is an extraordinary person , I believe in his miraculous birth and his hard and tough life to help and save peoples lives , we as Muslims believe in that but I don't understand Jesus' message , I know that I am asking many questions but I need to know the answers , I wanted to enter a church to search for answers to all the questions I have but unfortunately Muslims are not allowed to enter churches , I love your religion , and I feel that there is something in Christianity attracts me but im sure you know that how risky it is in our countries when it comes to such issues.

from Iran: what is christians faith about the Jesus? Really they think he is the God?!”

I am a 26 year old homosexual. I think that I am guaranteed hell. Is that right?

from Jordan: Hello, I want to become a Christian. Please tell me what I am supposed to do. I am so tired. I can't live as a muslim anymore. I feel that I don't belong to this religion. Thank you.