How to Reach an Atheist

Many atheists would be willing to believe in God, given sufficient evidence.

But no one wants to be fooled. No one wants to commit their life to something that’s not real.

Marilyn Adamson was an atheist, certain that God did not exist. For 1.5 years, she pummeled her Christian friend with questions. Eventually the scientific and logical evidence pointing to God became too weighty.

Her prayer, “Okay, you win. I ask you to come into my life, and you can do with it whatever you want.”

She now directs one of the most effective evangelistic websites in the world, seeing more than 2,400 people each day ask Jesus into their lives. Many are former atheists.

The evidence she found is presented in a free, 7-part email series called the Spiritual Adventure Pack.

Caroline signed up for it and wrote:

“Although you don’t know me, I feel that you’ve taken my hand and led me on a very special journey these last few weeks.

Like you I am the kind of person who questions everything and I have a deep need to understand. By reading the information you provided I have been able to find answers to many of my questions.

You have led me from complete denial of God's existence to not just believing in Him but knowing that He is there. The evidence you give was sufficient to convince this 33 year old, life-long atheist; not an easy challenge!

I have also followed your advice regarding how to read His Word and already feel a very strong connection with my faith and that my relationship with Him is solid. This is in large part due to your tutelage, although admittedly God did most of the work for me!

I wish you every happiness, you have given me so much.” ~ Caroline

George is another who signed up for the Spiritual Adventure Pack. He said:

“To say this has transformed my life would be an understatement. I grew up in a passionately atheist family. When I went through your series I realized that I had to let God into my life and couldn’t keep on living with philosophic skepticism, regarding of how my family would just me.”

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Atheists are not necessarily opposed to believing in God. They simply can’t believe without sufficient reason, without objective facts. That’s what the Spiritual Adventure Pack provides.

Sign up for it right now. It will greatly strengthen your faith as well!