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See comments from those using the strategy

"EveryStudent.com has incredible fire power that helps students approach Jesus. Students can refer to EveryStudent.com in their conversations, use it on Facebook, Twitter, in text messages on their phones. It’s comfortable for students to use, because it’s in their world."

"It has a lot of good information on issues that are very real to people my age. I think that a lot of people just assume that everyone knows how to accept Jesus into their life, but they don't, and your website helps with that."

"For years the campus ministry in my country [in the Middle East] was unable to answer questions that the majority of students had about Jesus. Those conversations were rarely attempted, because it was too dangerous. Now we have an effective evangelism tool, an Arabic version of EveryStudent.com, and it has completely changed our campus ministry."

"i wouldn't hesitate to refer my most skeptical and critical friends here, people I've really invested in and wouldn't want to be put off by some cheezy Christianese site. good job."

"EveryStudent.com is an easy way to broadly sow the seed of the gospel. Students today are very inclined to investigate life (and faith) online. This website is well done and is ideal for this generation of students."

"I just wanted to say that this website is awesome. You guys deliver truth so clearly to a post modern generation without compromising anything."

"EveryStudent.com is helping us get to the whole scope of the campus. There are so many students that would never meet with us face to face, fill out a survey positively, or attend one of our meetings or outreaches. But many are still spiritually interested and open to exploring things on the Internet. EveryStudent.com helps us to reach them. StartingwithGod.com has also been a helpful resource to help develop young believers."

"Great website! I forwarded this site to all my friends and family - Christian or non-Christian. You have presented the Truth in a simple, loving and convincing way."

"It is both reaching the lost and providing a place for our students to receive training and do ministry. Tying EveryStudent.com and StartingwithGod.com to the relational world of Facebook makes so much sense. This is so important for the campus ministry."

"Hi! I LOVE this website and it has been awesome to use it with students. Thanks for all of your work at making such a great resource and evangelism tool!"

"We just used EveryStudent.com in ads all over the state of New Jersey. It is a great website, and a great resource for students! So many of them ‘live’ online, and they love to discover things and explore. I love it, and I even carry it around with me on my iPhone. Such a wonderful resource!"